DUI convictions and Insurance

Dealing with a DUI conviction can be frustrating in many aspects of ones life. Not only are they costly to deal with in the court system, they can continue to cost you money with your car insurance companies for many years to come.

Even the cheapest auto insurance companies typically check an existing customers driving record once every year. When shopping around for new policies a consumer can expect to have their motor vehicle record checked before the insurance company issues a policy estimate. An insurance company finding out about a DUI conviction will cause a change in coverage, which will almost always lead to more expensive premiums. These premiums go up due to the fact that a DUI conviction shows insurance companies that you are a dangerous driver, therefore they see you as a bigger risk. It is also possible that your insurance company could drop you from your policy. This is bad in a number of ways. Getting dropped from a policy results in a dropped policy then being placed on your driving record. Having that dropped policy information on your record is something that other insurance companies will look at negatively. It is best to shop around for another car insurance carrier before getting dropped by your current company to prevent that negative showing on your record. If your insurance company does keep you on their policy, your rates can go up by hundreds of dollars.

The best way to deal with a DUI and your insurance company is to make sure that your insurance carrier never sees the DUI on your driving history record. Working with the court system to find out ways to keep the DUI off your history is worth the time and money in the long run. Some states offer driving schools to DUI offenders as an option to keep the DUI from showing up, as well as to teach drivers the importance of safety and responsibility.

A DUI conviction is an expensive issue that, unfortunately, many people deal with. Taking the steps to ensure that your insurance carrier never finds out about the offense is the best way to keep cost down in the long run.