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Classic car owners’ auto insurance needs

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Classic cars are often looked at as prized possession. Many people treat them with the same amount of car that they would treat a family pet. The amount of love and hard work that goes into must classic cars, warrants that type of behavior. Choosing the right car insurance to cover your classic car can be tricky. There are certain things that owners need to look at and research. Because of all the money and hard work that people put into restoring and fixing up these cars, getting proper insurance for the car is a final step that must be completed.

There are cheap car insurance rates available that are specifically laid out for classic cars and their owners. The difference in classic car insurance and general insurance plans are the fact that classic car insurance plans look at the automobile as an investment that will appreciate with time. Choosing a general auto insurance plan to cover a classic car will result in poor coverage and over charging. General plans do not take into account the fact that these cars are generally not used as a regular car would be.

For some classic car owners, these cars never leave the garage or show room. Deciding if you still wish to insure your car can be tricky. Covering a classic car that will not be driven is a good idea. These policies can help to cover theft, damage and other issues that may arise. Theft of classic cars is a growing problem, since thieves see these cars as big ticket items. If a theft does occur, it is extremely difficult to replace one of these vehicles. There are so few of these cars available, and each one is unique in its own way, due to different restoration processes.

Car insurance that covers driving is necessary if the car will ever be on the road, even if it is once in a blue moon. Getting into an accident without insurance will not only be costly for you, it is also illegal.
Many people invest huge chunks of time in these cars, choosing insurance that can help to cover parts and repairs is a wise idea. Many carriers will work specifically with customers and focus on their primary needs.

Cars: The deadliest of all time

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Consumers Union ranks cars for insurance companies according to their cost and speed potential that makes them enticing to young drivers with a need for speed. Many of these young drivers don’t survive to enjoy their cheap speed machine very long. That is why Consumers Union calls the category “The Deadliest Cars” currently being sold.

The four “Deadliest Cars” currently on their list are: the Chevrolet Camaro, the Chevrolet Corvette, the Ford Mustang and the Pontiac Firebird.
According to David Champion, head of the Automotive Testing Division for Consumers Union, the Camaro, the Corvette, and the Mustang are cheap, yet have big engines that appeal to young car buyers.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety began to keep death rates of drivers from sports cars versus regular cars in 1984; they noticed that sports cars had twice the death rate as compared to the regular cars. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has cited that sports cars makers have made changes and added safety features that have reduced the death rates of their drivers .
However, the death rates of all cars have gone done and, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, sports cars death rates are still higher than death rates of regular cars. The added safety features are also a part of regular cars whose death rates have also gone done because of the safety features. While sports cars manufacturers have done much to make their cars safer, their potential for hgh speed at a low cost makes them attractive to drivers who like to speed and feel safer speeding because of the added safety features. The death rates of the “Deadiest Cars” are still higher than the death rates of regular cars.

According to Champion, cars that have air bags, antilock brakes, crumple zones, electronic traction control, three point seat belts and other safety features found in today’s sports car actually encourage risk. According to the IIHS, cars like Mustangs are still Mustangs. They may have been altered with safety features, but their cheap price and high speed are still what attracts certain drivers to them.

Lovely Exotic Super Cars

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Car Accidents: Who is the most Hazardous

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Think back to when we first got our drivers license. We were so excited to finally become an adult. Taking responsibilty for a vehicle, on four wheels, is an important decision alot of young people look forward to. They believe that this is their freedom gift. They can travel where they want, when they want, and do whatever they want inside of their vehicles. Problem is they should be doing alot of these things while their vehicle is stopped or in their homes before they get into their vehicles. We live in a fast, demanding, internet access world. So much is going on around us. For some drivers, they want to take care of themselves, while they are driving their vehicles.

We were taught two hands on the steering wheel, positions ten and two. For some they have changed their hands to twelve and six. And their are some who drive with one hand, while allowing the other hand on their laps. We need to have our mirrors clean and areas clear of all obstructions. Seat belts are required on at all times. And by all means, remaining aware of traffic. There are a number of people who have forgotten these requirements, and started their own ways of driving. Experiences: Driving while eating a Big Mac, Got up late for work, Must apply make-up, Can’t stop talking to friends on my cellphone, Returning to college, to much stuff to fit in car, Texting while driving, Drinking alcohol and driving. So much stuff to do, so little time to do it all. We have used the automobile as an extended room, of our household.
There is not any one person who can be described as the most Hazardous driver. It is a combination of elements that cause drivers to not be aware of their surroundings, when they are driving a heavy piece of machinery. We have to be responsible for our vehicles and respectful of those around us. A person should handle their personal business before they get into their vehicles. If they desire to continue their conversations with others, they should pull over to the side of the road. Or continue their chats after they get to their destinations. Either way accidents will continue when we do not remember how we were taught, and learn to abide by this.